Do Attitudes About Immigration Predict Willingness to Admit Individual Immigrants? A Cross-National Test of the Person-Positivity Bias (with Shanto Iyengar and others)

In this paper, we argue that there are multiple levels of analysis for assessing public opinion on immigration, and that opinions concerning immigration policy diverge from opinions concerning individual immigrants. The vast majority of studies assessing public opinion on immigration have framed the issue exclusively at the level of the collectivit

Voter Perceptions of Agenda Power and Attribution of Responsibility for Economic Performance

In two recent experiments (one in the lab and one over the internet) concerning collective decision making we determined that individuals mainly assign responsibility to the decision maker with agenda power and with the largest vote share (Duch, Przepiorka and Stevenson 2012). We found rather weak evidence that responsibility is assigned to decisio

It’s Not Whether You Win or Lose, but How You Play the Game: Self-Interest, Social Justice, and Mass Attitudes toward Market Transition (with Harvey Palmer)

To explore systematic differences in economic reasoning and what might account for them, we investigate how sociocultural conditions affect transitions to market economies in the West African country of Benin. We probe the importance of several factors: basic economic norms, utility maximization behavior, individual-level personal capital, and indi