Overview of Data Analytics

A large part of Ray Duch’s research has involved large data projects. This includes the assembly and analysis of very diverse cross-national data. He has developed innovative methods for both the collection, and analysis, of these data. Ray Duch is one of the leading comparative scholars of political and economic attitudes. His research in this are

Cross-national Public Opinion Surveys

The Economic Vote:
How Political and Economic Institutions Condition Election Results (Cambridge University Press 2008). In this book Duch and Stevenson propose a selection model for explaining cross-national variation in economic voting: Rational voters condition the economic vote on whether incumbents are responsible for economic outcomes, becaus

Large Scale Econometric Forecasting

For Avaya Corporation (Fortune 500 Communications Firm), developed a global strategic market assessment to estimate the size and growth of every Avaya market. Developed risk-adjusted market forecasts in 100 countries for over 80 products and services offered by Avaya. Developed annual metro-level market demand forecasts for over 2,000 cities in the

Large Scale Employment and Labour Market Forecasting

For Alberta Employment and Immigration, conducted labour market immigration research for health professionals in Germany, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand. The project involved over 2,000 Internet surveys with healthcare professionals, in-country interviews and other forms of primary and secondary market research to evaluate