Large Scale Employment and Labour Market Forecasting

For Alberta Employment and Immigration, conducted labour market immigration research for health professionals in Germany, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand. The project involved over 2,000 Internet surveys with healthcare professionals, in-country interviews and other forms of primary and secondary market research to evaluate attitudes toward Alberta Canada and interest to relocate to Alberta. Also managed evaluation of professional credentials of health workers to determine ability to obtain professional licensure to practice in Alberta.

Developed an immigration index for health professionals in 3,000 US counties to score counties on their potential for international recruiting activities. Collected statistics and evaluated national survey data to predict the counties that were likely to be good targets for recruiting to work in Alberta.

For the Environmental Careers Organization of Canada (ECO Canada) performed a comprehensive assessment of trends affecting growth of the environmental sector. Analysis covered included markets for waste management (incl. recycling sectors), remediation, air quality, water quality, carbon & climate change mitigation, environmental health and safety, natural resource management, energy efficiency management, renewable energy, and other markets in the environmental sector. Metrics for growth included estimation of industry value added to GDP, employment, business establishments, revenues, and exports.
Conducted a survey of 2,204 employers in 26 industry grouping across Canada. The survey estimated demand for environmental skills in the workforce and analyzed the effectiveness of HR practices for recruiting, training, retaining, and engaging workers in the environmental sector.